Chicken Fried Spaghetti Recipe | Quick Recipes

Chicken Fried Spaghetti | Quick Recipes
Chicken Fried Spaghetti | Quick Recipes

You will be surprised how can a dish be this easy to make and delicious at the same time. Must try it!

Ingredients for Kababs:

  • Boiled chicken breast                                            300 gram
  • Potatoes boiled /mashed                                     1 cup
  • Chat masala                                                             1 tsp
  • Lemon juice                                                             2 tbsp
  • Crushed red pepper                                              1 tsp
  • Salt                                                                             as required


Ingredients for assembling:

  • Wheat chapaties                                                    6
  • Carrot grated                                                           ½
  • Julienne cut tomato                                              1
  • Julienne cut capsicum                                           1
  • Julienne cut cucumber                                         ½
  • Olive oil                                                                     for frying
  • Cream cheese                                                         as required
  • Green mint chatni                                                  as required


Ingredients for green chutni:

  • Green chilies                                                            4
  • Green coriander                                                     ½ bunches
  • Mint leaves                                                              8-10
  • Yogurt                                                                       2 tbsp
  • Cumin                                                                        1 tsp
  • Garlic                                                                         1 tsp
  • Coconut                                                                    1 tbsp
  • Lemon juice                                                             as required
  • Salt                                                                             as required
  • Sugar                                                                         1 tsp




  • Add chicken, lemon juice, crushed red pepper, chat masala and salt. Remove it in a bowl.
  • Add in boiled and mashed potatoes and mix well, make into seekh kebabs and pan fry.
  • Heat chapattis and spread cream cheese on chapatis.
  • Place it on a serving plate.
  • Add a seekh kebab, vegetables and top it with green mint chatni.
  • Roll and serve it fresh.

Chicken Fried Spaghetti Recipe in Urdu and English

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