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Who doesn’t love a good juicy beef dish? Especially when beef has some great health benefits. It is not only considered as a major source of protein and nutrients exactly why it is also referred to as red meat. Protein is a great source of amino acids, which is needed growth and maintenance of different bodily functions.  Beef is so healthy that even just a moderate amount of beef in your daily diet can provide you with some amazing nutrients like zinc and iron. Other minerals include, Vitamin B12 which is extremely important for blood formation, Niacin, a mineral that saves you from heart problems and phosphorous which again is crucial for maintenance of body movements. There are so many more benefits of eating beef, the list is never ending.

However eating anything is excessive has its own disadvantages no matter how healthy it generally is, and same goes for beef. Excessive consumption can lead to certain disadvantages like obviously it has a lot of saturated fat which can lead to increased amount of cholesterol. And any kind of processed meat in excessive amount comes with its health hazards, so make sure not to consume it more than it is needed.

Beef was eaten since the prehistoric times, and even today it is largely liked by people. Beef generally is grounded or minced, and then these forms are then further used to for different beef recipes. A Pakistani celebration cannot be complete without a good beef dish, be it the very fancy beef steak or some beef bbq, or beef gravy, whatever sort it is, whichever beef recipes Pakistani you follow, the end result has to be amazing.

Some amazing beef dishes which could be made through some great beef recipes in Urdu or English include chapli kebab, Bhuna gosht, beef karahi, paya, aloo keema etc, all these and other beef recipes, are some great Pakistani dishes of today’s time. These meat recipes Pakistanis are also very easy to follow, the steps are very clear and simple. For example, a recipe for Peshawari chapli kebab requires only 40 minutes to cook. All you need is some minced meat, eggs, pomegranate, spices, chilies, some vegetables like onions, then make a mixture of all these ingredients and convert it into small balls and press it till it’s flat but thick, finally fry it and sever it a number of sidelines for some amazing taste. Some common sidelines include rice, raita, salad, parathas etc. Another delicious dish is Karahi gosht, which literally needs 30 minutes for you to prepare and cook it. Some very basic ingredients are involved which are usually always available in the house, like some mutton, tomatoes, green chilies, garlic and ginger paste, and of course some great spices which will give taste to your dish. So after gathering the ingredients, start cooking it, which again involves some very basic steps like start off by frying the meat in a wok with garlic and ginger paste in it, then obviously add water till it becomes tender, once that’s one add all the remaining ingredients and spices and let it cook for a while, and then viola your very basic yet delicious beef dish will be ready to eat. Wasn’t that very basic? Other such recipes could be easily found on the internet.

For people who prefer instructions in Urdu language, there are a lot of beef recipes in Urdu available too, where all the steps are mentioned in Urdu, even ingredients names are written in Urdu which will make it easy for you to understand not only how to make a beef dish but how to make it perfectly with perfect amount of spices in it.  Meat recipes Pakistani are not just limited to Pakistan, they are now actually becoming more and more famous in other Asian and even western countries. As Pakistanis migrate to other countries, they try to spread our cultural food to other countries too. They have even started opening up restaurants or home based businesses out there, selling a perfect beef dish which leaves everyone licking their fingers.

When eating beef literally leads to a healthy diet party, all you have to do is learn these easy beef recipes and start the party.