Preparation time
20 mins

Cook Time
30 mins

2-3 persons


  • Vermicelli            2 cups
  • Khoya                   1 cup
  • Fresh Milk           2 cups
  • Cloves   4
  • Small cardamom               6
  • Chopped pistachio          6
  • Chopped almonds           6
  • Sugar     2 cups
  • Saffron as required
  • Clarified butter1 ½ cup


  1. In a pan, 1 ½ cup clarified butter and heat it.
  2. Add in vermicelli and fry it then add in khoya and cook it for 5 minutes.
  3. In a pan, add in the left over clarified butter and sauté cardamom and cloves.
  4. Then add in chopped pistachio and almonds.
  5. Add in 2 cups of sugar and then add in roasted vermicelli.
  6. Add in 2 cups of milk and saffron. Simmer it.
  7. When the oil separates, close the stove and serve it with fresh cream.

SIWAYYON KA MUZZAFAR Recipe in Urdu and English

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