Veg Sandwich Recipe | Quick Recipes

Veg Sandwich | Quick Recipes
Veg Sandwich | Quick Recipes

This simple and healthy veg sandwich is a great option for quick dinner fix and take-away lunch. Must try!


  • White bread slices                                        6
  • Green chutney                                             ¼ cup
  • Thinly sliced cucumber                                1
  • Thinly sliced tomato                                    1
  • Steamed and sliced potato                            1
  • Thinly sliced onion                                      1
  • Thinly sliced green peppers                          1
  • Thinly sliced beetroot                                  1
    Butter                                                          1tbsp
  • Ketchup                                                      1tbsp
  • Chat masala                                                 to taste
  • Salt & pepper                                              to taste



  • Apply up to 1 tablespoon of chutney level on one side of the bread.
  • Take one slice and start layering veggies over the chutney side.
  • Start with steamed veggies. Then layer over cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Finally layer onions and bell peppers making sure you have a nice flat layer of veggies.
  • Sprinkle with chat masala or salt & pepper.
  • Finally place the second slice of bread chutney side down over the veggies.
  • Cut the sandwich in half lengthwise or diagonally and serve hot with ketchup.

Veg Sandwich Recipe in Urdu and English

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