About Us

“People who are passionate about food also tend to be passionate about their family, their friends, travel and other culture because food connects them to those other passions in their life”


“MASALA TV” is a brand of Hum Network Limited (HNL), Pakistan’s most popular media network. Our sister Brands are “HUM TV” and “STYLE360″.

Ever since its launch MASALA TV has taken the country by storm. The timing and planning of the channel was brilliant, launched 1 day prior to the month of Ramadan, in September 2006, “Masala” became a household name that was recognized all across Pakistan and helped set the dinner tables in almost all homes during the month of fasting.

MASALA TV has the distinction of being the first food channel to broadcast from Asia. Masala TV is proud to represent the Pakistani food and culture. As the pioneer Pakistani channel dedicated exclusively to food programming, MASALA TV targets individuals who love eating good cuisine and cooking and see food as an integral part of their lives. Convinced that good food brings people together, MASALA TV fuels this motto by offering its viewers a blend of traditional and non-traditional magazine-style shows, cooking with top chefs, live interactive shows and food-oriented travel programming in addition to a list of MASALA TV merchandise like Pakistan’s largest circulated magazine “Masala TV Food Mag”.

Masala Vision:

MASALA TV aspires to be a complete Food & lifestyle channel that strives to surprise and engage its audience with likable hosts and personalities and the variety of things they do with food. The channel is committed to exploring new and interesting ways to approach food through pop culture, adventure and travel while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information.

We always have to stay true to the food world, what we are trying to highlight is the personalities of our Chefs, and our audience relationship with them. Also in our plans is the establishment of the first food and culinary school in Pakistan. We want to establish and provide the industry with skilled commercial cooking and hotel and restaurant management employees, not to mention educating the food lovers about their favorite Cuisine and establish food and culinary art as a proper career for our Pakistani youth.

MASALA TV is also working on extending the brand in other areas. The Local outlets all across Pakistan are now selling MASALA TV’s products like MASALA TV Food Magazine, Masala Kitchen accessories and regular offers like MASALA TV DVDs.

Another successful approach has been the online social networks like Face book and MASALA TV website. Where the viewers get an opportunity to download their favorite recipes, chat with the celebrity chefs and keep us posted with their feedback and comments.

Screen Policy:

As part of the HUM Network umbrella MASALA TV adheres to the same standards as our other channels. And from day one we have established our standards at par with HUM TV and we have maintained a constant improvement in our quality and consistency in catering to our traditional audience.

Being a food channel our look and persona caters to our audience and the standards and quality from the initial stage have been unmatched since we have put to test our learning and experiences we had with HUM TV that helped in establishing it as one of the top entertainment channels of Pakistan.