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Aalu Tikki Chaat | Quick Recipe | Masala TV

Here is the most easiest recipe of Aalu Tikki Chaat, it does not require any cooking expertise, so give it […]

Chicken Cutlets | Quick Recipe

This recipe of Chicken Cutlets is a must try appetizer recipe for any party. It is quick to make and […]

Roat | Quick Recipe

Roat is kind of a desi cookie which is made with fennel seeds, white flour, semolina and cardamom. This mix […]

Cheesy Tandoori Burger | Quick Recipe

This Cheesy Tandoori Burger is a delicious fast food recipe, which can be relished by people of all age groups. […]

Chocolate Mousse with Pomegranate Sauce | Quick Recipe

A luscious pomegranate sauce and a sprinkling of seeds add a festive touch to this delectable mousse served in fancy […]

Stuffed Buns | Quick Recipe | Masala TV

These portable veggie ‘Stuffed Buns’ make snacking delightful! Filled with nutritional vegetables, these buns are wonderful to take along on […]

Peach Surprise | Quick Recipe

Full of juicy peaches and cream, this Peach Surprise is heavenly! This recipe is a must-try so make this at […]

Creamy Cheese Rolls | Quick Recipe

If you’re looking for comfort food, this Creamy Cheese Roll recipe is for you. This is such a versatile recipe […]

Coconut Compote | Quick Recipe

This refreshing Coconut Compote with colorful fruits is not just eye pleasing but a healthy and tasty dessert! Try it.

Lahori Chicken Karahi | Quick Recipe

Here is the super easy step by step recipe of our favorite Lahori Chicken karahi. This recipe is a mood […]