Rabri Trifle Recipe

Preparation time
15 mins

Cook Time
15 mins

4 persons


  • Milk                                          1 -1/2 liter
  •  Colorful vermicelli                 1/2 packet
  • Sugar                                      1 cup
  •   Rabri                                     1 cup
  •  Fruit Cocktail                        1 tin
  • Desiccated coconut              1/2 cup
  •  Almond, pistachios               for garnish


  1. Doodh ko boil kry gy phir us ko thori dar slow flame pr pakny dy.
  2. Phir is sayyawan add kr ky cook kry gi jb tk soft na ho jay phir is m sugar add kry gy.
  3. Phir flame off kr ky cool kry gy end rabri.
  4.  Add fruit cocktail or pisa khopra dal kr mix kry.
  5. Badam or pista sy garnish kr ky serve kry

Rabri Trifle Recipe in Urdu and English

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