Baghdadi Chanpie by Shireen Anwar

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Baghdadi Chanpie by Shireen Anwar

Baghdadi chanpie
Mutton chops ½ kg
Yogurt 1 ½ cup whipped
Salt 1 tsp heaped
Garlic paste 1 tsp heaped
Brown onion grinded 2 tbsp
Oil ½ cup
Whole red chilies 6
Cashew nuts 8 grinded
Poppy seeds 1 ½ tsp grinded
Desiccated coconut 1 tbsp grinded
Roasted gram flour 1 tbsp
Chili powder 1 tsp
Allspice ½ tsp
Saffron ¼ tsp
Marinate chops with yogurt, salt, garlic paste, and leave it for 30 minutes. Heat oil ½ cup add whole red chilies, fry for 30 seconds, add in marinated chops, cover and cook for 15 minutes add in roasted and grinded masala, brown onion, chili powder, allspice, roasted gram flour, cover and cook on low heat until chops tender, lastly add saffron, cook until oil comes on top, serve with nan.



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