Creamy Mango Float Recipe by Chef Samina Jalil 6 July 2018

Published 4 months ago  in Cooking Shows, Lazzat

• Recipe Name: Creamy Mango Float Recipe
• Dated: July 6, 2018
• Chef Name: Chef Samina Jalil
• Show Name: Lazzat – Masala TV

Enjoy the true essence and taste of ” Creamy Mango Float ” while cooking in your kitchen with such an ease and must-have ingredients in your kitchen. It is not just about a dish with usual taste but a treat to your taste buds with a little change in cooking by none other than ” Chef Samina Jalil” that has given an entire new flavor, you ever came to taste. “Chef Samina Jalil” is a well-known Pakistani chef, hosting a cooking TV show on Hum Masala TV, the only cooking channel round the clock.


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