Curb The Cold With Hot Coffees


The concept of coffee goes hand in hand with winters!

When the first winter breeze blows, craving for a freshly brewed cup of coffee arises.

While the idea of coffee is not limited to winters, the combination of two often makes many long for it, even the ones who are not coffee lovers all around the year.

Here are five hot coffees you need to try this season:

Cafè Americano

This coffee is the easiest one to prepare. It takes 2/3rd cup of hot water and an espresso shot poured over it. Americano is not a fancy coffee but it can certainly give you a kick to start your early morning or the push you need when you feel tired during the day.

Café Latte

This remains one of the most popular coffees around the globe. Latte consists of scalded milk and a coffee shot. This has a frothy texture to it; usually preferred by people who like a more milky taste to their coffee.


It is perhaps the most popular coffee around and for many, cappuccino is the only thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear the word coffee.

It consists of three different layers. The first layer is an espresso shot, followed by a portion of steamed milk and eventually the barista adds a layer of froth through which latte art (mostly) is done.


Aforementioned Cafe Latte is very similar to a Mochaccino. Some chocolate powder and chocolate syrup is added to this in order to give it a hint of chocolate. This is often preferred by people who love to add chocolate to almost anything and everything.


This coffee is made with two shots of strong espresso, topped with whipped cream. An alternate for sugar and milk is provided when whipped cream is added. This coffee gives the punch of an espresso, the smoothness of cream and a slight touch of sugar.

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