Quick Recipes

Calizza la mama | Calzone | Quick Recipe

Calizza-La-Mama is basically calzone or an Italian oven-baked folded pizza that is stuffed with cheese, chicken mince, capsicum, olives and […]

Shikanjbeen | Quick Recipe

This is the most refreshing drink that gives you an immediate boost of energy and refreshment. Try it!

Makhni Daal Sabzi | Quick Recipe

Makhni Daal Sabzi is a twist to your old daal chawal combination. It is not just daal, but it has […]

Kashmiri Chai | Quick Recipe | Masala TV

Do you love Kashmiri chai? Here is a super easy and delectable Kashmiri chai recipe to try at home!   […]

Shredded Chicken Cutlets | Quick Recipe

This fusion recipe of chicken cutlets does not take a lot of time and it is all age groups’ favorite!

Rose Cake | Quick Recipe

This cake is as beautiful to eat, as much as it is to look at! Dwell in the richness of […]

Dinner Rolls | Quick Recipe

These light, fluffy and buttery dinner rolls are made with a handful of ingredients and are impossible to resist.   […]

Reshmi Kabab | Quick Recipe

These Reshmi kababs are so irresistibly delicious that you won’t be able to have just one!

Mexican Wraps | Quick Recipe | Masala TV

Make the most of leftovers chapati and try these amazingly easy Mexican wraps or meximelts at home and thank us […]

Arabic Paratha | Quick Recipe | Masala TV

This Arabic paratha is commonly known as Mutabbaq, it is juicy, delicious and super easy to make. Follow this 2 […]