Quick Recipes

Peach Surprise | Quick Recipe

Full of juicy peaches and cream, this Peach Surprise is heavenly! This recipe is a must-try so make this at […]

Creamy Cheese Rolls | Quick Recipe

If you’re looking for comfort food, this Creamy Cheese Roll recipe is for you. This is such a versatile recipe […]

Coconut Compote | Quick Recipe

This refreshing Coconut Compote with colorful fruits is not just eye pleasing but a healthy and tasty dessert! Try it.

Lahori Chicken Karahi | Quick Recipe

Here is the super easy step by step recipe of our favorite Lahori Chicken karahi. This recipe is a mood […]

Fire Crackers | Quick recipe

These delicious Fire Cracker Spring Rolls are made with the most basic ingredients that are so simple and readily available. […]

Pineapple Soufflé | Quick Recipe

The combination of juicy, fresh pineapples with delicately delicious whipped cream melts in the mouth and melts all hearts. Try […]

Omelette Waffles | Quick Recipe

This delicious recipe of Omelette Waffles will have you making omelets like a pro in no time! Make your breakfast […]

California Panini Sandwich | Quick Recipe

Need to fix dinner in a pinch? These California Panini Sandwiches are not only easy to prepare but will also […]

Lauki Daal Kabab | Quick Recipe

You won’t believe these kababs are made of lauki. They are soft, healthy and super delicious! Try it.

Spanish Custard | Quick Recipe

Thick, creamy, and rich in flavor, this Spanish Custard will make you fall in love! Give this recipe a try, […]