Latest Daal Recipes Recipes

One dish which everyone tends to run away from or is only cooked when there is nothing else to cook is dal. Why is that? It is probably because very little effort is put into making a dal, it is generalized as tasteless and people would rather eat it with rice than just plain dal with roti. But today all such negative views about dal will be wiped off.

Dal has never really gotten the attention it truly deserves and that is mostly because you have been missing the right daal recipe all this time, but don’t worry, today you will be learning about some great daal recipes, which will not only be tasty but also very easy and simple to make.

To start off with, there are many different types of lentils recipes, ranging from simple dal recipes to more fancy and complicated ones like daal tadhka recipe. Different types of dal recipes include, masoor ki daal, moong ki daal, chane ki daal and mash ki daal. All these could be cooked in a fun way to make them delicious to eat. Starting with the very common and famous masoor ki daal, it is said to be originated from north India and is usually eaten with white plain rice, however with some great recipe one can actually eat it with a spoon or with a roti too. To make a delicious masoor ki daal, you need to take one cup of dal and let it cook in the pressure cooker, on side, fry some cumin seeds, garlic and onions, some green chillies and lots of spices depending on your taste, once this mixture is ready, add tomato to it and then finally add the cooked daal to the mixture and let all of it cook together for a while, and voila, your yummiest masoor daal will be ready.

Similarly you can follow a simple dal recipe for moong daal too, or to make it more fun, mix all dals together and make a brand new dish, which will actually taste great. Regardless of which recipe you follow the main objective is to make sure a healthy daal recipe is followed which also is super yummy. To make the moong daal delicious you can actually fry it, onions, tomatoes, and other herbs are sautéed in ghee, and then the cooked dal is added to this mixture which gives it an amazing taste. Or you can follow a dal tadka recipe, in such a recipe, dal is not cooked separately, instead it is cooked with tomatoes and onions and then some spices and herbs are fried separately and added to this mixture. Whichever way you use, your dal will taste great.

There are some great variations for daal, you can always add chicken to it, or have some amazing sidelines like paratha, chapatti, rice or chutneys and pickle. Like for a chana dal recipe, you can actually make a sweet dish out of it, isn’t that great? Dal recipes are not limited to lentils soup, instead they can be used in other things to like kebab, sweets and chicken or meat gravies. So to make a great chana daal sweet dish like halwa all you need is 30 minutes, and some basic ingredients like chana dal of course, ghee, milk, water, sugar, saffron and nuts of your choice, preferably almonds. The instructions are super basic too, all you have to do is heat some ghee and add blended purée of dal to it and then gradually milk and water and rest of the ingredients, and let it cook. Once it is cooked, you need to roast it, main key to making dal halwa taste heavenly lies in roasting it, so make sure you focus on that, and then finally add your crushed nuts to it and viola your delicious halwa will be ready.

So regardless of how you make it, which Masala recipe you follow, which variation of dal you use, following a healthy dal recipe is a must.