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Beef Seekh Kabab

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Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe

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Who doesn’t love a good kakab, no matter how old you are no matter where in the world you live, no matter what time of the day it is, a good kabab recipe can make anyone’s day anywhere at any time. Best part is you can eat it with so many sidelines. Some great sidelines could be raita, salad, chutneys and so much more.

Eastern side of the world is well known for their kabab recipes, each country has its own specialty. For example in Turkey there are famous Turkish kebabs, in Afghanistan there are famous Kabuli kababs, Lebanon has its famous Lebanese kabab and then comes Pakistan, it is famous for so many different kabab recipes like seekh kebab, chapli kabab etc.

Pakistanis by this point have become pros at making kababs, every household following its own recipe, there are so many different kabab recipes urdu available these days to help the cooks out. You can easily make seekh kebab or chapli kabab with your preferred beef kabab recipe. A goof beef kabab recipe uses some basic ingredients like minced beef, marinating it for good 3-4 hours is a key to having a delicious kabab. So marinate it in vinegar, some salt, garlic paste, ginger paste, coriander leaves, pepper and some other preferred spices, and keep it in the refrigerator. After that mold it in whichever shape you want, seekh or chapli or normal shami kebab, and fry them!

Don’t worry if you are health cautious, they are a great choice for your diet. Instead of frying them, barbequing them good be a great option for you. There are some great beef kabab recipes for bbq available as well. If you prefer some other type of meat over beef, you can google up your preferred kabab recipes in Urdu or English as well.

Best part about kababs is that you can convert them into your favorite dish very easily. You can make a really good burger out if it, or make a paratha roll or just eat it with some plain white rice, a great seekh kabab recipe could be used for making chutney rolls, or a chapli kabab recipe in Urdu could be followed to make a chapli kabab burger. You can add seasoning, sauces and vegetables to it according to your taste and preferences.

Another great element of kababs is that they are great for any time, breakfast, lunch or dinner. In breakfast you can follow an easy kabab recipe in Urdu to make some great sandwiches, in lunch you can follow the good seekh kabab recipe and eat them with rice, it is so filling, can keep you full till night. And then at night some great chapli kabab recipe in urdu with chapatti could keep you happy till morning.

A part from kababs being a great option for everyday life, they are also extremely necessary for gathering in Pakistan. There has to be one kabab dish in the weddings or any events or celebrations here. So look up the seekh kabab recipes and some chapli kabab recipes in urdu and get ready for the next event with some delicious food.