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Eggs                               3
Flour                              3 ounces
Sugar                             3 ounces
Baking Powder            ½ tsp
Vanilla Essence            ½ tsp

Egg Yolks                          2
Corn Flour                       1 tsp heaped
Sugar                                3 ounces
Milk                                  ¾ cup
Vanilla Essence              ½ tsp
Gelatin Powder              1 tbsp heaped
Fresh Cream (whipped) 2 cup
Fruit Cocktail                    1 cup

Beat eggs, sugar till fluffy fold in sifted flour and baking powder mixture with vanilla essence, spread mixture in a well greased and paper lined Swiss rolled tray, bake on 200 degree C for 10 minutes. Remove Swiss roll on a clean cloth sprinkle with caster sugar. Spread Swiss roll with strawberry jam, roll Swiss roll and cut into 1 ½ cm thick slices. Line the base and sides of a glass bowl with jelly roll. Put fruit cocktail in it, soak the cake with syrup, and keep in the fridge till you prepare the filling.

Beat yolks, corn flour and sugar till foamy, mix in the milk and cook on low flame. Stir continuously till custard slightly thickens. Remove from heat, add in vanilla essence, dissolve gelatin with ¼ cup water and add to the custard. Beat cream and add to the cooled custard. Fill the mold with prepared cream. Chill till firm and set, dip the mold in hot water, quickly over turn on a serving plate, garnish with whipped cream.

Royal Charlotte Recipe in Urdu and English

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