Kashmiri Naan Recipe | Tarka | Rida Aftab | 11 October 2022 | Masala Tv Recipes

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The show is hosted by Chef Rida Aftab who not only cooks South Asian dishes but also offers solutions regarding storage of food and longevity of ingredients. It is the chef’s relatable personality that is the unique selling point of the show.

This Kashmiri Naan is filled with classic traditional flavours that you can never go wrong with this amazing recipe.


  • Flour 3 cups
  • Milk 2 cups
  • Eggs 2
  • Yeast 2 tsp
  • Baking Powder ½ tsp
  • Sugar 4 tbsp
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Oil ½ cup
  • Dry Fruits as required

In a dish knead together 3 cups flour, 2 eggs, ½ tsp baking powder, 4 tbsp sugar, ½ tsp salt, ½ cup oil and 2 cups of milk cover and leave the dough to rest for an hour. Now shape the dough into small naans, brush with a little oil and sprinkle with dry fruit. Let it bake 180C in the oven.


  • Walnuts 1cup
  • Green chilies 6
  • Garlic 6cloves
  • Coriander ½ bunch
  • Mint ½ bunch
  • Lemon juice ½ cup
  • Salt 1tsp
  • Cumin roasted 2tsp

In a blender add all the ingredients and blend well and serve.


  • Mutton ½ kg
  • Yogurt 250 grams
  • Clarified butter 250 grams
  • Black Cardamoms 2
  • Fried Onion 2
  • Green Cardamoms 4
  • Cloves 4
  • Green Chilies 6
  • Stock 2 cups
  • Black Pepper Corns 1 tsp
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Red Chili Powder ½ tsp
  • Green Cardamom Powder ½ tsp
  • Fennel Powder 2 tsp
  • Dry Ginger ¼ tsp
  • Garlic 2 tsp
  • Mint Leaves 2 tbsp

Finely process mutton in a chopper. Now add salt, cardamom powder, fennel seeds, red chili powder. Mix well and make small balls. In a pan, add stock and meat balls to cook on low flame. Heat ghee, add green cardamoms, fried onions, yogurt, black pepper, cloves, garlic, fennel seeds, black cardamoms and fry. Add stock, koftay, green chilies and let it cook on low flame for half an hour. In the end, removes from the stove, add mint leaves and dry ginger. Gushtaba is ready.


  • Milk 1 liter
  • Butter 50 gm
  • Semolina ½ cup
  • Grinded rice 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom ½ tsp
  • Sugar 1-1/2 cup
  • Mix dry fruit ½ cup
  • Dried milk 1 cup

In butter add semolina and dry fruits. Now add the milk and cook on low heat. Then add grinded rice. When mixture thick then add the cardamom and sugar and cook. When firni thick then stove off finally add dried milk mix.

Kashmiri Naan Recipe in Urdu and English

At Masala TV you can check complete Kashmiri Naan Recipe in Urdu and English. This is one of the best recipes by chef Rida Aftab at Masala TV show Tarka. Check out the other best recipes of chefs Rida Aftab.

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